FFVII Remake release date announced, combat looks awesome

Well, we have the FFVII Remake release date confirmed now.

While we did hear enough news about video games over the weekend, during the FFVII – A Symphonic Reunion concert, the remake’s release date was announced for the first episode.

We know by now that the game will release in segments rather than a whole piece, which is no surprise since the original game was rolled out in 3 discs.

But we don’t know the total of episodes yet- we just know that players will get a piece at a time.

The trailer was shown at the concert and then uploaded online. We got to see more of the game’s combat.

Cloud and the other members of AVALANCHE were destroying a MAKO reactor. The trailer demos some of the combat, which looks sleek and fluid.

After the combat scenes, we then see the confirmed released date from Square themselves- 3/3/20.

The game has been developed for a very long time now, and this is the first confirmed release after all the speculations.

We don’t know how long we’ll have to wait between episodes, nor the status of each EP (if Square has already finished them all yet).

David Wong

David Wong

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