The remake will definitely release over a period of time in multiple parts, as confirmed by Square today.

FFVII Remake will be released in parts

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be rolling out in multiple parts rather than one game.

The reveal of FFVII yesterday showed off some brand-new, never before seen footage of the much-anticipated game during the State of Play stream on PlayStation. Square Enix has been developing the game since 2015 and hasn’t said much about the project since.

However, the game has changed a lot with Square moving CyberConnect2 off the project and working just internally. And thus, this sparked a lot of questions from fans and speculators.

At this point, FFVII Remake has been confirmed that the remake will release in multiple parts, which was already mentioned by Square a while back. They officially confirmed this on a press release after the new trailer for the game was uploaded:

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a full remake heading to PS4,” the message on Square’s website stated via our own translation. “Most of the original’s content is being reworked, and as such the game will be in multiple parts. More information will be published this June, so stay tuned.”

Most of the footage detailed so far comes from an alpha/beta build of the game and will probably change over time. However, some pressing questions still exist- like the total parts that’ll be involved, pricing, and DLC? And whether or not the game will release on this gen’s consoles or will there be a hybrid mixup for future consoles?

Square should reveal more details at next month’s E3 conference, so we’ll have to sit tight until then.