Rage 2 roadmap released, DLC scheduled 1

Rage 2 roadmap released, DLC scheduled

Rage 2’s roadmap has been released by Bethesda, and it’s looking gnarly.

The content plans and DLC for Rage 2 have already been dropped before the game’s even released. Rage 2’s Day 1 version will have a ton of content, but id Software/Avalanche has plans to make the game’s first week set for success with a ton of content starting this month.

After launch next week, new content, skins, challenges, and ing-game special events will take place in Rage 2 before the month’s even over.

And then next month, the updates coming to the game will be nonstop. New challenges, skins, and more events will be added. There will even be new cheat codes for the game. And the process repeats again in July.

August will bring more updates- the first content update called Rise of the Ghosts will roll out. This will add enemies, arenas, weapons, and new abilities for players to use. This is paid DLC and will run you some sweet bucks. But then again, there’s plenty of free content already planned coming this Fall.

Bethesda will outline the add-on DLCs as they come, as there’s a second DLC planned for Rage 2 following Rise of Ghosts. Pretty cool.

Check out the official Rage 2 roadmap:

Lookin' good Bethesda.
Lookin’ good Bethesda.