For Honor hits 15M players; Marching Fire DLC details

For Honor was one of those games that only did lukewarm upon launch. Sure, it has a player base, but the game didn’t have that level of virality that most were expecting.

The game has been offered for free on PC and Xbox- multiple times. We can easily guess that this is to get more players into the waning game’s player base.

However, these efforts may have finally paid off. Ubisoft’s current game lineup does include some very popular titles, like Rainbox Six Siege, which has built up over 30M players from release until now. Today, they revealed that For Honor has hit 15M total players since its launch back in February 2017. Comparing just these two games, For Honor actually seems to have done very well.

Only a year and a half later, the game already has half the total players of RSS, which is one of their more popular titles released in 2015. But then again, For Honor was offered for free many times already whereas RSS has always been a paid title- unless I missed a promotion somewhere along the lines.

Ubisoft Montreal developed both games with the help of a few other studios during development and upkeep over time. 15M players is still very impressive, even when you have to give the game away to get more players in. Now, the game’s servers are more populated and it’s likely that they’ve established a bigger active player base with all their promotional attempts.

For Honor: Marching Fire is an upcoming update which will add new game modes, such as a 4×4 breach mode, Arcade mode, and various other quality of life improvements. Players will also get a new faction called the Wu Lin, which is a group of martial artists who mastered eastern combat. There’s a new trailer that previews some of the new features coming out in Marching Fire (attached below).

For Honor is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. And For Honor: Marching Fire releases on October 16th.

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