Forager gets a free update.

Forager gets “Free Appreciation Update,” see what’s new

Forager, the indie exploration game, has received a new content update.

This update is free for all players and is called the “Free Appreciation Update,” which brings a bunch of new goodies to the game.

The most obvious change are the new game modes.

There’s a Single Island Challenge mode where players have to collect all of the tools in the game to success.

The other mode is Speedrun, where players have to collect all the Feats. The developer has stated that this won’t be it, as they plan to add even more game modes going forward.

HopFrog has also added a new weather system to the game. You’ll be able to see some basic weather patterns take effect as you play through the game.

Lastly, players will get a bunch of bug fixes, such as sunrise/sunset enhancements, autosort, and a few secret ‘options’ for the game that only true adventurers will discover- or not.

Saves and crashes have also been fixed, and shrine buffs will now be removed if they’re unusable.

Cosmetic equips don’t equip automatically. Lots of small fine-tuning here and there for Forager that players will appreciate.

You can take a peek at the full patch notes here. HopFrog has also discounted the game until Monday. You can check out the game on Steam here.