Beach Assault LTM, The Bear leaked for next Fortnite update

Rumors suggest that a D-Day LTM will be coming to Fortnite with a new shotgun also.

The removal of the controversial, OP pump shotgun still rages as a debate in the Fortnite forums, as players think the combat shotgun is vastly better than the tactical version as the replacement.

But with a super low drop rate, players can’t find this weapon well enough to basically dominate the map. Epic has stated that they’ll be bringing back the gun one day, as players can still use the weapon in creative mode.

Since the drop stays low, the gun basically doesn’t exist for most players during a matchup.

However, a heavy shotgun was discovered on the game’s loading screen which has many people excited again.

A new shotgun dubbed The Bear will be added in replacement to the original pump action shotgun. This was spotted during a loading screen for the new LTM Beach Assault.

FireMonkeyFN found this shotgun on the loading screen and this hints that the new weapon will be playable for the LTM, but unknown whether or not this will appear in the other game modes.

Players are already familiar with The Bear on Save The World, and getting this gun in Battle Royale would render it OP with a damage output of 210.

Beach Assault will be the next LTM and plays just like Downton Drop, with opposing teams fighting against defenses and destroying the doomsday cannon or defending the cannon.

David Wong

David Wong

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