Fornite’s gifting system: Details, rules, and screenshots

With Fortnite raking in millions of dollars a day, you’d expect that the game would at least have their gifting system figured out by now. Players have been demanding one for a while, but Epic Games hasn’t responded to any requests.

Until now. There was a new emote called “behold” added by Epic on October 12, which could be a way to start gifting your friends items such cosmetics, skins, gliders, pickaxes, back bling, and emotes. Some people just don’t want to pay, can’t afford them, or don’t have many friends that are generous enough to gift in Fortnite in the first place!

Now, based on data from FortniteINTEL, who are basically data miners that get the good stuff from Fortnite, they’ve accessed a “beta” version of the gifting system. From the screenshots posted, the gifting system has some interesting features:

  • You can gift multiple people at the same time – up to 4 people
  • You can only gift the same friend once every 10 days
  • You can “gift wrap” the gift by sending a personalized message attached to the present
  • You can gift yourself, but the gift can’t be returned
(Via FortniteINTEL.)

Your giftees may be able to return the gift you send them (such as a troll gift). But your own gifts may not be returned. Or this is just a beta and gifting yourself may be removed from the final system. Or it can be used for parents gifting to their kids (no more stealing credit cards!).

Epic Games hasn’t said anything about this news yet, and we’re not sure when this system will be confirmed. But the system is in the code of the game, so we can expect Fortnite gifting to go online eventually.

You can check out more screenshots at FortniteINTEL.

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