Fortnite action figures hitting shelves December 1st 1

Fortnite action figures hitting shelves December 1st

Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director of Epic Games, has announced that Fortnite will be releasing a series G.I. Joe action figures next month right before the holidays.

Since Fortnite is dominated by the younger crowd, this makes sense. Growing up, I was never really into playing with figurines others than the odd ones here and there. But all my friends at school knew G.I. Joe and I’d “tag along” to pretend I was totally into it. Kids grew up with small action figures, and although G.I. Joe isn’t as huge as it once was, Fortnite is a prime target to create action figures from. Kids love Fortnite, so they’ll surely like Fortnite action figurines.

Donald Mustard announced via his Twitter account that he’s partnering with Jazwares to create these Fortnite figures. And they want to create the “very best action figures possible.” You can see from his posts that quality was a priority:

He posts a few pictures of the toys and they look stunning. Attention to detail looks amazing. Mustard states that they’ll be out soon- by December 1st- which is enough time to grab one or two and stuff stockings with them. With the popularity of Fortnite, they’ll surely sell like crazy. You can’t escape Fortnite (or Halloween flossing). They’ll hit shelves soon.