Fortnite celebrates New Years with hourly special fireworks

Fortnite is going all out for New Year’s with a special game event that only happens once an hour.

Epic Games made sure that players who log in today during New Year’s Eve will be greeted with a firework spectacle to behold. The event is like a virtual light show with a disco ball being lowered in the sky and then a countdown from 10 begins. Then the fireworks go off in a dazzling array of lights.

There’s also special background music exclusive to this NYE party to witness! Eventually, the fireworks form a “2019” in the sky. A video posted on Twitter by user “dakotaz” shows off the fireworks:

During the event, players can’t kill each other as they’re forced into dancing continuously during the event which lasts just a few seconds. So everyone will get a chance to see the fireworks without getting interrupted by snipers and shotgunners.

The fireworks event started yesterday at 11 PM ET and occurs every hour within the first minute, as reported by FortniteINTEL. For players around the world, this event happening hourly means that everyone will get to use Fortnite to celebrate the new year no matter where they are.

Epic Games isn’t the only developer doing something special for New Years, but is the most popular game on the planet right now, so their event is truly worldwide and has player numbers that easily surpass any other game.

The event is live now. Simply log in to Fortnite to see it for yourself on the hour, every hour. You won’t get any special goodies from this, but it’s still cool to see the fireworks go off in the world especially with many others.

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