Nintendo Switch Blind Box launches next week

The Nintendo Switch Blind Box will be available for purchase next week which will contain one random game from various Limited Run Games’s offerings. Thanks to them, buyers of this new Blind Box will get a physical copy of an indie game for the Switch. These titles include FlinthookMercenary KingsSlime-SanSaturday Morning RPGNight TrapKingdom, and Thumper.

This is an excellent way to snag a Switch console with a chance to get something awesome.

Although these aren’t anything too special and all considered to be “common” games, there are a few “rare” games you can stumble upon. For these titles, there’s an 86% chance you’ll snag one of those titles.

There are some “uncommon” games you can get, which are Thimbleweed Park and Oceanhorn, which have a 10% chance of showing up in your box. Then there are the “rare” titles, which have a mere 4% chance. These are Yooka-Laylee and Furi.

The concept is pretty cool. You buy a Nintendo Switch and get a random game with it like a real-life loot crate. All games include both a gatefold design and a random trading card.

The Blind Boxes are limited in supply and only five may be purchased by any single customer. Limited Run Games have also promised that they’re won’t be duplicate games from multiple purchases, but they don’t guarantee that it won’t for sure. There’s always room for error when you’re dealing with this kind of setup.

For those who enjoy the thrill of getting a game with your Switch and playing the chances, this could be a nice buy. Even better if they like games listed in the offerings.

The Nintendo Switch Blind Box starts on the 1st of 2019.


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