Fortnite physical copies now cost up to $450

Fortnite is one of the biggest games on the market today. It’s fun, free-to-play, and one of the most popular games on the planet. It’s even had “endorsement” by Drake.

All the success behind it comes from the fact that it’s a good game and it’s easily downloaded and played for free at no cost to the player.

However, that popularity has skyrocketed the price of the actual disc- up to $450 per copy. The hardcore fans want an actual copy of their favorite battle royale game, and they’ll have to shell out some pretty significant amounts to get it.

Gearbox Software only released a limited number of copies for consoles and PC in Europe. It was a regular $60 release that was focused on PvE “Save the World” content before the battle royale even came out in September of 2017.

Now, the game can’t be easily bought at major retailers anymore. collectors are buying a game that was once sold at MSRP, fan gear that used to be free, and tons of Fortnite swag all over eBay. A Used copy on Amazon will run you $175 without the case. An average copy of the game is $130 on eBay. The same content can be downloaded online for just $40, but that’s just for casual gamers. Hardcore fans want the actual item. This is the Standard Founder’s Pack.

“Save the World” will be free-to-play later this year, which may reduce the value of the disc. But Superfans don’t seem to be stopping. Gearbox Software still has yet to announce another actual disc re-release.

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