Fantom’s new hard drives for Xbox One require no cables, no power

Fantom Drives has announced a huge new external hard drive for the Xbox One. It’s a colossal drive that holds up to 5TB of storage, and it’s called the “Fantom Drives Xbox One Storage Drive and Hub.” The name is almost as much as the capacity for your games it can provide.

Large EHDs are nothing new. You can easily buy an 8TB to a 16TB external just as you would buy a 1TB. But the cool part is that it’s built for use with the Xbox One. If you’re going to buy a huge drive, chances are that it’s not made just for console use. The drive provides “massive game storage capacity and gamer mobility” so you get a huge drive that’s also portable. It’ll be able to hold over 120 50GB games on any Xbox- without any wires or cables.

That means it’s completely integrated. It uses a USB connector built right into the device, which means you don’t need any USB cables. There’s also no need for an external power supply. It sucks juice from the power the Xbox One outputs. You can take this thing anywhere where there’s an Xbox and bring your data with you. It’s like a huge memory card. No power needed. No cables needed.

CEO of Fantom, Hamid Khorsandi, says they’re trying to provide a “highly mobile storage drive” while maintaining a similar design to the gaming system. The Storage Drive and Hub series is a new line of products which include 2TB and 4TB variants of this drive. Ther are also high-performance SSDs that come in 1TB and 2TB flavors. All drives come with triple USB ports and house a Seagate HDD inside. They’re all compatible with every Xbox One model on the market right now.

The 5TB flagship model retails for just around $250, 2TB at $120, 1TB at $110. There’s no point in buying the 1TB when you can double the storage for just a mere $10 extra. You can check out the drives on Fantom.

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