Fortnite V7.01 update adds Infinity Blade, Ralphie’s Revenge, Creative Mode

Epic Games has removed their mobile game Infinity Blade, but it’ll still be present in the battle royale mode in Fortnite.

Epic has been busy focusing on their new games store- hence called the Epic Games Store which is set to launch this Friday- with a free copy of Subnautica for everyone. They’ve removed their support for Infinity Blade, the popular mobile game with amazing graphics and battle system. They tried to penetrate the mobile market (and they did), but the game has been removed from online marketplaces.

But the game didn’t go out without a bang. The sword from Infinity Blade will be available as a new weapon for players in the battle royale mode in Fortnite.

The weapon comes from this morning’s patch, the V7.01 update, which was released shortly after Season 7 began with “The Block” arena for community-based content. The Infinity Blade is a heavy damage melee weapon and has the ability to destroy structures. Players can find the sword in the Polar Peak area of the new map for S7.

Another returning weapon is Ralphie’s Revenge from Save the World and a new creative mode giving players access to their own Fortnite Island to play around with starting this Thursday. There will also be a new LTM called Close Encounters which focuses on everyone’s favorite CQC weapon- shotguns. And jetpacks.

Fortnite is Epic Games’ main moneymaker so it makes sense to get rid of other projects and redirect forucs onto what’s working and worth their time for the biggest returns on their time. While the game will be gone, we’ll always have a tribute to the game with the Infinity Blade.

Patch V7.01 is live now for all platforms. Sign in to download the newest update.

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