Fortnite’s Dark Bomber skin rolling out today; Epic Games “confirms” with tweet

The Dark Bomber skin is a Fornite skin that was first teased on the loading screens of Fortnite Season 5’s Battle Pass. The skin is finally here after a month-long wait.

Dark Bomber is a doppelganger to the Bright Bomber that was first released to Fortnite back in January of this year. The skin has a lore connection to Kevin, the cube with a glowing aura that has been present in the past few weeks.

Other than that, no details were given, even with the loading screen that was first released last month. But Epic went ahead with a tweet on their Twitter account using a set of emoticons to signal the new Dark Bomber skin.

The clouds and lighting must be the opposite o the rainbow and sun. There’s no doubt about it hat’s they’re referring to the Dark Bomber skin that’s now going to finally be released. The comments range from excited remarks from fans already, which means that Epic is rolling in it. Fans can now purchase the Dark Bomber skin tonight during a launch with a Thunder Crash pickaxe and Dark Glyph glider, which were both detailed in the leaks earlier this week for the V6.01 patch notes.

The game shop updates in about 30 minutes from the time of this writing. Get ready for the slew of new, awesomely grotesque skin this patch. Here comes 6.01! Are you ready for some flashy, dark skins?

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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