Telltale fires the remaining “skeletal staff”

Telltale made headlines a few weeks back when players found out that the story-based developer has confirmed that they’re going out of business. A press release from Telltale confirmed the rumors and the main reason was due to no sales.

They then posted some more information in the following days regarding layoffs. They said that a skeletal staff remains of about two dozen employees who will continue to work for the company’s final project- The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Fans wondered about whether or not they’ll get to see episodes two and three of the game or if it’ll just end abruptly with the first two episodes. Telltale came out saying that with supporters, they’ll continue to finish the game. This made fans happy, even though they’re favorite emotionally-driven storytelling company is about to shut down.

Today, Rachel Noel, the Narrative Designer at Telltale, came out and said that she found everyone has been fired. A post on Twitter marks this event as basically Telltale trying to sweet talk the fans by keeping a small staff for whatever reason, but apparently not. Telltale Games has fired the remaining staff entirely.

After the first announcement was posted on 9/21, studios and members of the industry came out to help with job fairs and support. Now, the rest of the crew needs that same help. From her tweet, it’s apparent that they didn’t expect to get fired so quickly and were met with frustration:

Telltale Games can now be considered to be officially done with its projects. I mean, what else are they going to do without a staff? This is a pretty disgusting move to be doing considering what they just said a few weeks ago. Bad Telltale. Bad.

You can get more info about the layoffs here.

David Wong

David Wong

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