GameStop ecstatic about next-gen consoles having optical drives 1

GameStop ecstatic about next-gen consoles having optical drives

GameStop breathes a sense of relief as they’re told that the upcoming next-gen consoles will indeed have disk drives.

With the recent move towards diskless, such as the diskless Xbox One, having no physical copy will hurt sales of physical retailers worldwide.

GameStop, who doesn’t seem to be doing too well at all based on their latest earnings, is already in some hot water.

The next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will both be released sometime around late next year. So far, we know they’ll have SSDs and got a taste of their chipsets and power. But we also know that they’ll be disc-based consoles just like this gen, so GameStop should be happy.

Chief Customer Officer Frank Hamlin of GameStop stated that both Sony and Microsoft both want customers to still buy physical media and use a electronic digital format based on their choice. Digital sales are rising and falling, but show an overall upwards pattern- especially with help from sub-based programs like Xbox Game Pass and PS Now.

But discs will still be a thing. And Hamlin states that there’s still a portion of the audience who’ll want a physical copy. And I’m one of them.

Pardon my retro, but I prefer to feel like I paid for a “thing” that I can hold. And I like collecting the physical medium as it holds resale value indefinitely. With a digital format, there’s really no resale value unless you sell your whole account.

GameStop will be happy about this, but they need to do something soon if they want to keep up. They’re one of the last standing physical retailers of physical gaming goods that exist worldwide.