Bethesda hides from upcoming DOOM movie: DOOM Annihilation 1

Bethesda hides from upcoming DOOM movie: DOOM Annihilation

Who’s up for the DOOM movie coming out this October?

That’s right. There’s actually a DOOM movie scheduled for release in just a few months. But the thing is, most people don’t even know about this film.

The movie’s called DOOM: Annihilation and is scheduled to arrive on the first of October. You probably won’t be able to watch this movie in the theaters, but rather, only buy it on Blu-Ray. The plot seems to take various scenes from past DOOM games and mash it into a low-budget film.

I’m not expecting anything from this rather than a fun-filled, cheapo DOOM spinoff. But the DOOM Guy doesn’t seem to be a part of the film, but rather we get Joan Dark. Doesn’t sound like what fans are hoping for, but then again, this seems to be a quick mashup.

Bethesda also seems to be “separating” and distancing itself from this film, so it’ll probably be a disaster. They’re just working on DOOM: Eternal and don’t really care for Annihilation. Probably sold the rights for a quick buck, maybe?

From the trailer, the video looks pretty decent. But we’ll have to see what happens. Just looking at the video stats, there’s already a ton of hate for this as a quick cash grab like Fallout 76.

Bethesda, please.