Get the original Crackdown for free on Xbox One

Grab yourself a free copy of the original Crackdown for Xbox this week.

microsoft is giving away free copies of Crackdown which was releasd on the Xbox 360 originally for the whopping price of $0. There’s no requirement to get yourself a copy other than to simply sign in to your account and snag one.

Crackdown has been available for free previously, but for those who missed the game the first time around, you can get it now. This is, of course, a limited time offering by the generous folks over at Microsoft to celebrate the release of Crackdown 3– which rolls out next week.

There will be a stress test for Crackdown 3 for the game’s Wrecking Zone game mode this weekend. You can play alongside other testers on the Xbox One and PC. The game will also be made available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

You can get it through your Xbox console or through the Microsoft Store.

You can check out a trailer of the game here to see what you’re in for (via IGN):

The game rolls out February 15.

David Wong

David Wong

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