Get the Schyster Deviant this month on GTA Online 1

Get the Schyster Deviant this month on GTA Online

The newly revamped Schyster Deviant is back online on GTA Online this week and up for grabs.

The Schyster Deviant has been revamped and rebuilt and is currently available now at Legendary Motorsport. All players who simply log in to the game this week will also get the Schyster T-Shirt for free. Players will also get a double boost on Nightclub Popularity gained from any Nightclub Management missions.

Nightclub Income will also roll in at double the usual rate, which will likely flood your safe capacity so be sure to empty it out!

Also, any successfully delivered Business Battel Crates can earn you a whopping GTA$50,000, which has a mix of rare shirts from vehicle brands and After Hours DJs. Each weekend this month will also net you $250K. Do this every weekend and you’ll have a nice 1M after the month is done.

The special 30% off After Hours discounts on DJs, warehouses, and renovations will be in place. And a 35% discount with the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II, renovations, Benefactor Terrorbyte add-ons, and others.

This is an awesome time to grab the new vehicle and get some additional goodies at the same time.