Sonic the Hedgehog Movie delayed to revamp character design

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie has been delayed. And it’s because of how Sonic looks.

For those who didn’t know, Sonic has a movie coming out. The movie was first announced back in 2016, 3 years ago. They announced the movie would release in 2019.

Now that first ever trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie has been released, many viewers started various jokes and critics left some remarks regarding the visual effects- especially how Sonic looks.

The movie’s director, Jeff Fowler, said he’d fix the design of Sonic to keep fans happy. And he announced today on Twitter from his personal account that because of these changes, the movie has been delayed until 2/14 of next year.

There are currently 3 animation studios working on the movie altogether- Blur Studio, Paramount, and Animation Planet.

Some fans expressed concern over whether or not the design would be “fixed” in time for the original 2019 scheduled release date. Now, we know that there definitely will be a delay because of this. Fowler even started a new hashtag on Twitter just for fun:


He plans to get the overhaul of Sonic’s character design done in a timely manner so fans will be pleased, and the animation studios won’t be overworked.

A fan even went ahead and created a frame of the movie and recreated what fans want to see. A shorter torso, bigger eyes, and stubbier paws. You can see the from the the rework that Sonic actually looks like, well, Sonic:

After this, Fowler didn’t share any additional details about the movie. We may get some hints here and there about how the new design will look, but that’s definitely not expected provided how we already have limited details other than tweets.

This is probably the first case of a video game-based movie where fans helped create the design, or at least change how the outcome looks. This is definitely points for Jeff Fowler and Sonic as a whole, provided that their recent games weren’t so hot.

You can check out the trailer here. Do note that the release date is wrong as this was before the change:

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