Gwen from Marvel ultimate Alliance 3 will have a wrecking ball of webs

New gameplay footage of Spider-gwen for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has rolled out.

After the release of Miles Morales yesterday in The Black Order, now some new footage of Gwen has been released. Spider-Gwen has the same abilities as many of the other Spider Family heros.

She can shoot webs directly at enemies constantly.

She also has a bunch of swinging attacks where she can take on mobs as her damage and area of effect are huge. She can also do this teleportation move where she can warp to the other side of the level to ram baddies.

Probably the coolest move of them all.

The signature attack would be none other than her ability to create a huge web ball and then revolve the ball around herself. This attack looks like a giant wrecking ball made of spider webs and hits. Hard.

The Spider Family of Marvel all have some kind of unique attack. And Gwen’s no exception.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will release on July 19 just for the Nintendo Switch. The game will have a bunch of characters from the Marvel universe that any fan will drool over. If this game can match Spider-Man’s success, they’re in for another hit.

You can check out the trailer here: