Gwent will be coming to mobile phones. The team prides themselves in this accomplishment as it was their "best work yet."

Gwent coming to mobile phones; Crimson Curse rolls out

The Witcher Card Game Gwent is coming to mobile phones.

Gwent mobile wil be going to iPhones first followed by Android later on. The process to adopt the game over to mobile has been a very painful process, according to game director Jason Slama since the tech that the game was built on is all PC.

The multiplayer component for Gwent is run by GOG Galaxy, so much of the game is built for that port. Rebuilding this and adapting to smartphones was indeed difficult, evne though it’s just a card game. Slama states that the mobile version of the game is the “best we have to offer” for visuals and gameplay elements.

Gwent will also have the first expansion released called Crimson Curse for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. This will follow on Dettlaff van der Eretein and brings over 100 cards to the game with new abilites and mechanics. There will also be new leader cards based on previous encouteres frm the Witcher franchise.

You can pre-order the epxnasion and get some goodies. Players who pre-order will get 40 Crimson Curse Kegs for a discounted price. Players will also get a nice legendary skin for the Unseen Elder card and an animated Crimson Curse cardback. This is only good until the expansion goes live, so you have just a few hours left to sign up!

Crimson Curse should be included with the mobile version eventually- probably not at first. But give them some time and it should run just as well as the PC version.

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