New Zelda game being developed by Monolith Soft could be BoTW-type Zelda.

New Zelda game in the works by Monolith Soft

A new Zelda game seems to be speculated, but it’s not the type of Zelda game you’re expecting at all.

This game will be created by Monolith Soft. The rumor comes from a job posting they have regarding some specific positions for this new Zelda project.The game will be similar to the Xenoblade series as they’re looking to hire some developers to make this a reality.

Monolith Soft has been working with Zelda games ever since Skyward Sword. Aonuma explained how the company wa working with the last game, Breath of The Wild and how their level designed the game’s world using their Xenoblade knowledge.

Looking at their positions they’re trying to fil, it seems like they’re doing more global elements similar to BoTW for this nex Zelda games. The game may also have some addtional character designs and a huge world from the list. Characters may have multiple designs like Xenoblade Chronicles.

And hte game will likely be another Zelda game with a huge world, considering that this is what they did previously for BoTW and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Monolith Soft is hiring for many positions, which can be found on their hiring page:

  • Modeling Artists
  • Animation  Artists
  • Effects Artists
  • Character Control Programmers (For action/battle parts)
  • Tools Programmers
  • Framework Programmers
  • Action part planners
  • Level Designers
  • Quest Planners
  • Main Character Designer
  • Concept Art Designers
  • Character Modelers
  • Map Modelers
  • Ingame animators
  • Event Production Staff
  • Project Managers

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