Metro Exodus gets first major update – Ranger Update

After the Metro Exodus debut on the Epic Games Store and the huge upset that the game was dragged over without notice to Steam players, a new Ranger Update has been released which adds a new number of gameplay enhancements and features.

While some players are still refusing to give the game a chance because of the mishaps, other players will be enjoying the game by 4A Games. The game got its first major update since inception and this update gives players some features, bug fixes, and other enhancements for players to get excited over.

So, the newest feature would be the Ranger Update, which brings New Game+. This allows players to restart their main campaign with weapons unlocked and attachements also from the previous playthrough. And new features that players can use the make the game more difficult since hte guns wil make it easy.

Ranger Update will also include Developer Commentary mode that lets players find random tapes throughout the world that unlock commentary from 4A Games on the development of hte game. The updatewill also haeve some new control options with a new preset with adjustments and senstiitty toggling.

Bug fixes and various enhancements will be added to the game and some platform-specific features will be exclusive to their respective system. Xbox One will get mouse/keyboard support and PS4 will get Controler Light support on the DualShock 4 with RTX and DLSS support for PC.

Metro Exodus is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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