Slipspace will power Halo Infinite and will delay the game.

Halo Infinite will be built on a brand new engine called Slipspace

Halo Infinite is coming, and it’ll be coming with an entirely new engine called Slipspace.

Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries talked about this new engine that’ll power Halo Infinite. During a recent interview with IGN, she spoke about the new and powerful engine and how it’s allowed 343 to “do more with Halo.” Slipspace has been putting a lot of work into their new project and noted that the previous engine that was used to create older Halo games allowed 343 to work on a 3-year dev cycle but was difficult to work with.

Slipspace allows the team to work efficiently with the tools that make it much more efficient to create with. After Halo 3, Ross said that devs at 343 will have a much easier time for Halo 5’s creation. But this didn’t happen and 343 called out Ross’s statement.

Thus, it was decided that before Halo Infinite would being, the new engine would be completed in order for devs to do more with less work and expand Halo as a whole.

Ross notes that:

 “We did a ton of work, on Halo 4, on the engine, to get it to look… I think it looked amazing for being on the last generation on the last year of the platform,”

Slipspace would cost a lot of time and money, but Slipspace would be worth it for the next-gen of Halo. The creation of Slipspace delayed Halo’s usual production cycle, which means that Halo Infinite will be coming later on. Ross acknowledged this, but she stressed the importance of the new engine:

“So it was a huge investment. A bigger investment than we’ve ever done, that engine [the previous one] is, gosh, eighteen, nineteen years old? So when you think about where we are today, we needed to pretty much redo it and I’m really proud of what we have now but it took a lot of work to get there.”

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Ross is a woman brotha.


Note to self- never try to watch a Halo stream while eating while attempting to be a journalist. Thanks for pointing that out.