Fallout 76's brew update looks awesome.

Fallout 76 will let players brew beer, wine, and spirits to kick off Wild Appalachia update

On March 12, Fallout 76 players will be able to brew your own beer and spirit as part of the new content update for the game.

A few days ago, Bethesda laid out a new content roadmap for Fallout 76. The update will consist of 3 seasons of updates, and being able to brew and distill your own liquor is just a small part of the content promised. The brewing crafting system will be available starting with the quest “Wasted on Nukashine.”

The update is called the Wild Appalachia update and the quest will be available at Vault-Tec University where you’ll make your way to a speakeasy. there, you’ll meet up with a robot named Biv who’s an alcoholic and will teach you how to craft Nukashine using the game’ Brewing Station.

Some drinks will take additional time to ferment, and just like real life, the longer the fermentation process, the stronger the drink. The system works exactly as you’d expect- it’s a workbench for spirits. The Brewing Stations can be placed anywhere within your CAMP like a regular object and allows you to brew cocktails, beer, wine, and anything else you can imagine. The brews will give your character a temporary buff and nerf. And you can even get hungover.

You’ll also learn how to craft the Fermenter, which will help speed up the process of brewing and fermentation.

Biv will be the guy that’ll help you learn about this whole system. Speak to Biv- no need to waste time trying to figure everything out. He goes over pretty much everything from what we’ve seen so far and forces you to do a few steps in order to start brewing on your own. He also has daily quests that are generated at random.

Fallout 76’s new Wild Appalachia update starts on March 12. And there’s no other way to celebrate other than to brew your own liquor.


Here are a few different things you can brew given by Bethesda and their status effects:

Fallout 76 Brewing and Distilling – beverages

Wine and Spirits

Wines and Spirits require fermentation time to take advantage of their full effects as a fresh beverage. Let them age long enough, and they will change from fresh to vintage, and gain additional, more powerful effects.

  • Firecracker Whiskey 
    • Fresh Effect: Your melee attacks will result in self-immolation, damaging both you and your attackers.
    • Vintage Effect: In addition to its fresh effects, Firecracker Whiskey will set enemies on fire from your ballistic and melee attacks.


Beer requires fermentation, and is best served fresh; therefore, beer will not have a vintage state.

  • Hoppy Hunter
    • Fresh Effects: Increased scope stability and damage versus animals, but reduced VATS accuracy.


Mixed drinks do not require fermentation and their effects do not change.

  • Tick Blood Tequila Sunrise 
    • Effects: Your successful melee attacks have a chance to inflict you with a disease but may also refill your hunger meter.

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