Jason West has been reportedly working with Epic Games and will be developing new games for the company.

Epic Games snags Jason West, co-founder of Infinity Ward, Respawn Entertainment

Epic Games is known for their poaching skills, getting even the best of developers to become exclusive to their DRM.

Now, they’ve gone ahead and hired Jason West, a former co-founder of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment. This was news according to Geoff Keighley. West prevously served as CTO of inifity Ward before he later founded Respawn Entertainment with Vince Zampella. Both of these founders were fired from Activision and found their own companies.

Jason West has been idle for the past few years since 2013 after he left gaming altogether. However, now West may be working with Epic to create new games. Keighley also states that West has already been working with Epic for a month.

Epic hasn’t confirmed nor denied this, but just the speculation that West and Epic are working together kind of brings mixed feelings.

On one hand, you have a DRM and developer that’s doing a lot of things to piss people off. On the other hand, you have a lead who’s had a decent track record. Mixing the two produces definitely mixed thoughts. Epic will continue to make more games in the future, but with West tagging along, who knows what’ll come out next?

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