Larvitar spawn location and rate in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can find Larvitar and Pupitar in Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Sword players will have to rely on trades to get these two coveted Pokemon, as only Shield players can catch them.

The two Gen 2 Rock Skin Pokemon can still be found in the game. Any old-school player can definitely feel the nostalgia of these two classics.

You can find Larvitar in the Lake of Outrage. Just like Deino, Larvitar is located in the upper-left of Galar where the Wild Area region is located.

The spawn rate for Larvitar is a mere 5%. You can only find it in the long grass. It doesn’t spawn in the overworld. It also must be sunny outside for Larvitar to spawn.

Pupitar can be found in sandstorm conditions in the overworld at Lake of Outrage. The spawn rate is just 2%, rather than Larvitar 5%. So it’s definitely much harder. You should try for Larvitar and then just evolve it to save time.

Upon catching the coveted catch, you’ll be greeted with a Larvitar that ranges from LVl 50-52. You can evolve Larvitar into Tyranitar quite easily at LVL 55, after you evolve it into Pupitar at LVL 30.

Image via Pokedex.