How to get the free Razor skin in Fortnite

Looking to get your free Battle Breakers exclusive skin in Fortnite? Here’s how.

Players who are subscribed to Save the World are eligible to snag a skin. This in because Epic Games wants to celebrate their latest addition to their lineup- Battle Breakers. This is an RPG that has nothing to do with Fortnite. It’s just made by the same company.

Players who play Battle Breakers will be able to get the free Razor skin. Those who play through Battle Breakers and hit level 20, you’ll get the free Razor skin for Fortnite.

So here are the steps:

  • Play Battle Breakers until you hit level 20
  • You’ll then be gifted the free Razor skin for Save the World.

Razor is an exclusive character in Battle Breakers, but you can use her skin in Fortnite by making your way through the many levels. Her skin will appear in your inventory on Fortnite automaticaly.

As for using Razor in regular Battle Royale mode, there’s no confirmation of this yet. As of now, you can only use Razor for Save the World.

Battle Breakers is an F2P and you can try it out now as it’s already live.