How to catch Shedinja in Pokemon Sword/Shield

Looking for Shedinja in Pokemon Sword and Shield? This guide will show you the way!

Where’s Shedinja?

Shedinja requires a special series of steps in order to catch. The Bug/Dark Pokemon from Gen 3 has players curious as to where exactly they can find Shedinja. Completing the Galarian Pokedex is a stepping stone to move up their Pokemon career.

First, get Nincada

To find Shedina, you’ll have to first find a Nincada. Catch one on Route 5. Nincada has a mere 5% spawn rate, so you’ll have to enter the area 20 times to see one. You can also find Nincada during a sandstorm at South Lake Miloch, West Lake Axewell.

After you catch a Nincada, go ahead and level it up. It’ll evolve into Ninjask. Use candies or batteries to level the thing.

Then, you can get Shedinja

When your Nincada is about to reach LVL 20, here’s the trick:

  • Take out a party Pokemon so you only have 5 monsters in your bar.
  • Keep one space open- the 6th space on your bar.
  • LVL the Nincada to 20 and the Pokemon will evolve into Ninjask.

You’ll then have two Pokemon, one being Ninjask and one being Shedinja. Now you’ll be able to use Wonder Guard- probably the most useful damage blocker from most attacks.