How to get Cleffa in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Cleffa is the miniature version of Clefairy- the monster-type Pokemon. Here’s how you can find Cleffa in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Get Clefairy first

To find Cleffa, you’ll first need to have a Clefairy or Clefable. Either Pokemon works.

You can find Clefairy at the Giant’s Cap or Motostoke Riverbank of the Wild Area. Clefairy only appears during “heavy fog” weather, so you need to wait until you get an instance of this weather pattern.

You can find Clefairy in the long grass using the overworld view.

After you catch Clefairy, you need to evolve it (use a Moon Stone). You can also catch Clefairy as a high LVL, but Moon Stoning is so much faster.

Then get Ditto

After that, grab a Ditto from Lake of Outrage. Ditto has a 10% chance, so you should be able to find one after 10 tries.

At this point, you should have both Ditto and Clefairy.

How to get Cleffa

Navigate to the Nursery and talk to the receptionist. Give the receptionist both Ditto and Clefairy and let the egg incubate. Wait until the NPC stands still with a thinking pose- this means the egg has been created.

Talk to her and grab the egg when it’s done. Put it in your Party bar and just wait. When it hatches, you’ll have found and caught Cleffa.