How to get Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield (code list)

More Pokemon Sword and Shield mystery codes have been revealed. These codes unlock special PokeBalls which have unique effects and help you catch specific Pokemon.

As of now, no Pokemon come out of the mystery balls. Only PokeBalls or BP are unlocked.

Just like the first round of mystery gift codes, this time is no different. Just input the code in your menu on the Mystery Gift section and choose to “Get with Code/Password.”

Here are the mystery codes:


Most of the balls are self explanatory in what they do.

  • The Beast Ball helps the trainer catch an Ultra Beast in the wild.
  • The Heavy Ball helps trainers catch heavy species.
  • The Fast Ball helps boost the chance of catching fast species.
  • The Level Balls helps catching a species if the trainer’s offering is a high level.
  • The Moon Ball helps Pokemon evolve using a Moon Stone.
  • The Luxury Ball helps create a strong bond with new Pokemon.
  • And Lure Balls help catching Pokemon in the water when you fish.