GTA 6 may take place in Columbia based on new speculation

New evidence has sprouted from Rockstar for the location of GTA 6. We’ve seen GTA 6 ad leaks, but there was no evidence to follow up.

With the next-gen consoles on the way, Rockstar may just be on the verge of revealing their next entry to their most popular series- Grand Theft Auto.

The ad leak may perfectly conindice with the next release, as the ad showed GTA 6 bundled with the Sony PlayStation.

This new location has no refuting evidence against it right now, so fans are trying to piece together the possibilities.

The theory now is that GTA 6 will have multiple locations and continents across multiple time periods. This is what fans have deduced based on all available evidence surfacing on the ‘net.

But that’s just anybody’s ordinary guess. There’s no actual proof other than unconfirmed theories.

However, a recent theory was manifested based on Rockstar sending their presents to various online personalities have started to give way to a new possible location.

Rumors say that the next location for GTA 6 will be in Columbia. Or at least, that’ll be one of the locations assuming that the game will span across multiple areas.

This was based on a Colombian flag with the Rockstar logo which was shipped to various online personalities.

GTA 6 may take place in Columbia based on new speculation 1

Fans did try to debunk the theory by saying that Rockstar could be leaking hits about their next title.

As of now, there’s no proof. Again, it’s all speculation. This goes against the fan theories, or at least adds another location to the list of places.

There are no currently no offices in Columbia nor anything that has to do with Rockstar resides there. So why would we see the Rockstar logo on the Colombian flag?