Mystery gift code list for Pokemon Sword and Shield

The new mystery gifts are now live on Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you come across one of these codes, you can redeem them for special rewards.

Each code gives you a mysterious PokeBall that has some special enhancement.

These balls are dedicated to helping you catch new Pokemon faster.

There may be new Pokemon that can only be obtained through these redemption codes soon, but as of now, you can only get special PokeBalls.

There are 3 codes surfacing on the web right now. You can redeem any of these in any order. They grant you the listed rewards 100%, and they’re not unique per player.

So that means you can use the same code and then send it to a friend.


Each of these codes unlocks 3 PokeBalls with special effects:

  • Level Ball: Helps up the chances of catching a Pokemon based on the trainer’s offer (higher level means higher chance).
  • Fast Ball: Helps catch Pokemon faster.
  • Moon Ball: Useful for Pokemon that use Moon Stones.
  • Beast Ball: Higher chance of catching an Ultra Beast such as Buzzwole and Pheromosa
  • Heavy Ball: Useful for catching heavy Pokemon like Snorlax.
  • Lure Ball: Useful when you go fishing. Helps catch Pokemon found underwater.

To redeem a code, push the code into the Sword and Shield menu on the “Mystery Gift” page. You can choose to “get with code/password” and then type in each of the above codes to get your rewards.