Iron Harvest will have destructible terrain and allow you to hide behind obstacles

Iron Harvest is an anticipated RTS game coming up that features giant mechs and realistic graphics.

The game is based on artist Jakub Rozalski, who wanted a game based on huge mechs roaming the earth in a WWI-wrecked landscape. The game takes place in an alternate universe similar to ours, but not exactly. Iron Harvest puts an emphasis on the military and war-torn lands with destructible terrain.

As RTS players know, the terrain makes a huge difference in the outcome of a game. As a very, very basic example, with the destructable terrain, enemies can find a new path to attack which will force you to defend, or you can even find another way to infiltrate a heavily-guarded base.

Iron Harvest puts this into play with confirmed destructible terrain, which would make perfect sense in this mech army RTS. Buildings, structures, and environmental conditions can be altered and leveled to make way for anything. In this video, you can see a giant factor and smokestack get destroyed and leveled into rubble.

The game also touts the whole “cover” feature, where your units will have the ability to hide behind cover objects. The video shows a squad hiding behind some wreckage on fire and shielded from enemies.

Iron Harvest will also have a 1v1 multiplayer system. The game is an RTS at its core, complete with pathfinding, a UI, and ton of units. The game doesn’t have a planned release date, but it should be rolling out soon.

It’ll be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

You can read more about Iron Harvest here.