Titanic: Adventure Out of Time comes to GoG’s classic game library

Titanic: Adventure of Time is now available on the GoG classic library!

titanic adventure out of time
Titanic comes to GoG as another classic for their library.

While it may seem like a randomly-picked title to do a news article on, it just shows happens to be GoG’s last title for 2017. This is why it’s significant. And it’s Titanic.

Come on…everyone likes Titanic.

The game was released back in 1996. It was built to be accurate and used research materials to create the ship. You could say it’s historically accurate for a Titanic game. Even documentaries have decided to reuse some scenes from the game for making points. That’s how much work went into it.

Seriously though, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is a very well-done work of art that takes you through the story all over again. You play as a person alongside the disgraced British Secret service agent named Frank Carlson. You’re taken back in time onto the Titanic and you have the ability to change the flow of events on the ship- and thus change the outcome of the previously-doomed vessel.

The game plays in a point-and-click format, which some players will truly appreciate since it really does fit the theme of the game very well. The graphics and artwork are stunningly detailed and give you the ability to see many different scenes from the ship and beyond.

The world is also in complete 3D by allowing you to explore different scenes. The majority of the game is solving puzzles that could possibly alter the outcome of the ship. It takes time (in both real life and in game) to solve the puzzles. People and events take place in real-time on the boat, so you need to know that it’ll affect the outcome of the game.

Puzzles, navigation, and other scenes are done in 3D. And the game also offers conversations in FMV style cutscenes.

There’s also a guided tour mode where you can freely explore the ship with narration from a variety of characters acting like tour guides.

The game has been republished by Night Dove Studios and you can only grab it on GoG. It’s not the only classic game GoG has remade. Other titles include games like Rise of the Dragon and Jazz Jackrabbit.

If you’re a fan of the Titanic, or a fan of GoG’s classic library of games, this game is definitely worth a try. Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is probably one of the most historically accurate Titanic games available.

You can get it on GoG for 10% off until 1/4/18.