Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Nintendo Switch

Super Meat Boy is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 1/11/18.

The devs, Team Meat, tweeted that the game will be released. It’ll be the second Nintendo console that this challenging platformer has debuted on. The previous one was the Wii U back in 2016.

Super Meat Boy has had excellent success across multiple platforms in the first release. The second one will be called Super Meat Boy Forever and will be available on the Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC. It brings back the same challenging gameplay as the previous one- with all the rage included!

Platformers seem to be Nintendo’s winning genre, and SMB will be a perfect addition. The game is already very difficult, so hardcore platformers who think Mario Odyssey is too easy will have a pleasant time playing the game. This version will also have a special “race” mode to the game as well.

Developers aren’t stating whether or not the game will have a physical release- fans will have to wait and see.