Kingdom Hearts 3 gets free DLC update tomorrow; Critical Mode

Kingdom Heart 3’s Critical Mode rolls out tomorrow in a free DLC update.

They announced this on their official Twitter account in a tweet by Director Tetsuya Nomura. The update will be completely free and available tomorrow.

This time around, KH3’s Critical Mode will be vastly different from the previous ones featured in the series. Tai Yasue, Co-director stated the new Critical Mode will have new abilities, and he’s spoke about this before regarding how there will be many changes. There will also be a story-based content update later this year also. There were actually so many changes that they had to debug the game because so many changes were made to the engine overall. That’s significantly vast.

KH3 got decent reviews, but many players complained about the pacing of the game, difficulty was too easy, and even “boredom” all over the game’s narrative. So this update will be necessary to smooth out the arguments and complaints. And the new story content update will bring a fresh approach the game later on.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available for PS4 and Xbox One.