When is CTF coming to Modern Warfare? Patch notes hint “soon”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare players have been waiting for their signature Capture the Flag (CTF) game mode. There were hints of the mode from the latest 11/22 patch.

The major added new content, fixes, and QoL enhancements, but also broke a lot of things. Like spawn points. Regardless, fans still want their CTF.

Gun Game as the new mode along with some Spec Ops missions. But CTF has still yet to be seen.

From the patch notes, players saw that there was an entry for “Added CTF and Hardpoint into Combat Records.” This only means two new game modes. Hardpoint and Capture the Flag.

No Call of Duty game can possibly be complete without this game mode. Even though we’re getting it late, Modern Warfare will be getting CTF pretty soon from the looks of it. The patch notes from 11/22 prove it.

We’ll have to sit tight. The patch from the 11/22 update on Friday was their biggest one yet. They’ve probably been focusing on fixing bugs before adding more game modes. We’re waiting.