L4D3? Fake.

Left 4 Dead 3? Confirmed. (To be fake.)

Valve has gone out and confirmed that Left 4 Dead 3 is fake and that the teaser that went up overnight was not made by them.

A new video showed up from nowhere showing off the reveal of the entry to the series for L4D. The video was very well-made, but the release was on a random channel not associated with Valve at all. There’s definitely been some times since the last entry, L4D2 was released. And it’s about time the nxt game comes out.

Fans did speculate that Valve may be doing some kind of campaign to get rumors going, but Valve is not known for this kind of marketing hype. Thus, speculation was amongst the crowd and the video went viral.

Since then, Valve came out to PC Gamer and confirmed that the video is fake. The video doesn’t have any copyright, as there’s no relation to the actual series by Valve. But the very last second of the video, there’s a zombie with three fingers before cutting out, which is their signature thing.

Anyone who’s played any Left 4 Dead game will recognize it, so that’s why people got excited. Valve has confirmed that L4D3 has been in development since 2017.

Regardless, this debunks the definitive speculation of the game at this point in time. The video was quite convincing though. But Valve has never made a game with the number 3 trailing it. Is this Half-Life 3? Confirmed.

Here’s the video:

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