WoW Classic account limits explained

With the release of the anticipated WoW Classic coming this Summer 2019, Blizzard has provided some more news regarding the account character limits.

Community Manager Kaivax posted a response regarding the character limits in WoW Classic’s servers. This was a response posted in thread following a user’s questions regarding the character limits on the Classic servers.

The thing to note is that the overlap between the character limits for retail WoW accounts won’t exist. In other words, there won’t be overlap with character limits for packs like Battle for Azeroth WoW accounts.

Players can still have 50 character for retail World of Warcraft, and another 50 for WoW Classic character simultaneously. So you can have 100 characters aggregated between the two servers in total. Pretty cool.

In WoW Classic, there will be a few character account limits. The response posted in the thread noted the following details regarding vanilla WoW character limits:

  • There will be a maximum of 50 toons total across all the realms in your region on the WoW Classic servers.
  • Only one faction per realm will be allowed on PvP realms
  • There will no account character overlap between the retail WoW (current) and WoW Classic.

The Classic servers will go live this Summer. The patch will be based on patch 1.12 with specific release roadmaps for how equips, weapons, and gear works in WoW Classic.