Metro Exodus delayed until 2019

Exodus will be delayed.

Metro: Exodus has been pushed back to early 2019.

The latest game showcasing the adventures of Artyom in post-apocalyptic Russia has had its release date pushed to Q1 next year based on a Tweet from their official account.

The game will be the newest installment of Artyom and a group of people who travel far from the Moscow Metro on a train called the Aurora. It’ll expand upon the original mechanics of Metro: Last Light which did the same for Metro: 2033. Metro: Exodus will be continued in the story from the Redemption ending of the previous game.

It’ll still feature a linear storyline, but it’ll take place in wider areas for the player to explore.

A news post on the Steam Community page for the game had the release displayed as Fall 2018 which would’be been the original release. The Tweet says that they’re trying to make the game “its absolute best.”

Players will have something to look forward to even with the delay. As the Tweet states, there will be new gameplay trailers showing off some new environments during this year’s E3 event. Stay tuned for updates on this AAA title soon.