Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo preparing to move production out of China

The 25% tax on goods made in China is no joke. The Trump administration has proposed this tariff and Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are all preparing to deal with this.

They’ve already segmented a portion of their console manufacturing out of China. A Nintendo spokesperson said that they want to “diversify manufacturing sites” and will actually move console production to Vietnam- at least a part of their production.

As for Sony and Microsoft, they’re doing the same and following the footsteps of other giants like HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and more.

Costs on these goods may just not be worth outsourcing all their parts, so bringing the production to the US should create more jobs and strengthen the economy. This obviously goes much deeper than that, but this isn’t an economic report. It’s a freakin’ gaming article. So we’ll stay out of the politics, thanks.

All of the giants are looking for ways out of China and getting ready for the move.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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