Cuphead coming to Netflix; Will be “safe for kids”

Cuphead will be getting its own animated series on Netflix, called The Cuphead Show.

First we had the PC version. Then we got the console versions. Then we got the Tesla version. And now we’re getting the Netflix version. And The Delicious Last Course DLC? Studio MDHR must be happy.

Of course, we know that this will not be based on the game. Cuphead and Mugman will adventure across their land and this series will basically follow their misadventures. Studio MDHR has stated that this will be “safe for kids” and appeals to a wider audience.

The original show will have new characters and environments more than what’s shown off in the game. The show will be developed by King Features Syndicate.

CJ Kettler will be the Executive Producer alongside Cuphead creators Jared Moldenhauer and Chad Moldenhauer, so we’ll have content from the horse’s mouth.

Netflix Animation will be producing the series with Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segurson as the co-executive producer.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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