Spencer promises to revamp the malfunctioning Windows DRM platform.

Microsoft will revamp the Windows Store so it actually works

The big guru of gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, knowns about all the weaknesses that they offer when it comes to PC gaming.

For those who don’t use Steam, you may have heard of this thing called the Windows 10 Store. It’s really a sight to behold. It’s non-intuitive, the search doesn’t work, and it’s super clunky and likes to show nothing but crappy paid apps. Users have complained about download problems, launching games, and even getting games that were purchased to be playable.

The Windows Store needs a major revamp, and Spencer knows this. So he’s promising to make the store better.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Spencer notes that his first priority is to create a new store experience for games which will be built upon all their previous experience from the PC platforms. He also promises to:

“Delivering great gaming experience to PC players is critically important to the future of Xbox and gaming at Microsoft,”

Although these are some bold words, he’s also promising that the experience of playing Xbox games on the PC to be much better than now. Spencer will likely talk about this during this upcoming E3:

“I know we’ve talked quite a bit over time about what we want to deliver for the player on PC. At E3 this year, and throughout 2019, you’ll begin to see where we’ve been investing to deliver across [Windows] Store, services, in Windows and in great games. It’s just the beginning.”

Microsoft has already confirmed that they’re bringing a PC version of the Game Pass, which will likely be on Spencer’s plate this coming E3. Get that and a new launcher for PC games rather than the STore, and you’ll have a proprietary version of Steam built into every PC. That’s a marketing standpoint they should use.

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