Microsoft’s “Surface Phone” Andromeda Will Have Dual Screens and Hinge

Recent patent filings and leaked timelines from Microsoft have surfaced and it seems like they’re working on a new dual-screen phone with the codename Andromeda. APIs on the W10 preview provide some more evidence and clues to what it can do. The new “Surface Phone” will likely have two screens and be the first mass-produced phone of its kind.

WalkingCat, a Twitter user, found an API for devices that support dual screens and a hinge. Applications can check the positions of the hinge and the screens- it can be concave, convex, flat, full, or simply shut. This suggests that it’ll be a full 360-degree hinge similar to convertible laptops like the Lenovo Yoga. It’ll likely have various functions depending on the positions.

However, rumors have it that the software giant wants to have a phone similar to the Surface Pro with a brand-new form factor just the like the laptop. Andromeda’s form factor is expected to be like a smartphone with the same form factor as the Surface but on a smaller level.

Whether or not the form factor rumors are true with its hinge and dual screens, they still need to create something that’ll garner attention from the public enough o buy it. What’s the point of having two screens if you have no applications being developed for it?

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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