PS VR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour release date, pre-order specials, and formats

Firewall Zero Hour, a new squad-based shooter from First Contact Entertainment will launch on August 28th, 2018.

The release date was confirmed on a post on the PS blog. The creative producer of the game Damoun Shabestari talks about the game’s formats, release date, some gameplay features.

From the trailer of it, it looks like a Rainbow Six game in VR. It shows off some of the team-centered gameplay and impressive visuals.

Players play as a mercenary contractor who works with their team to attack or defend sensitive data in laptops. Communication, teamwork, and cooperation will be necessary in order to be successful. The game will also have training modes and AI for those who aren’t used to this type of strategic gameplay.

Shabestari describes the game as a “4v4 team-based tactical PS VR Shooter” where the objective is to “either acquire or protect a cache for sensitive data.” Each mission will award XP and in-game currency called Crypto for the player. Items unlocked with XP aren’t owned yet, weird enough. XP unlock weapons, attachments, equipment, and more.

The post also talked about some pre-order goodies and game formats. If you buy it earlier, you get a special Zero Hour Pack which includes some specials. A physical PS Aim bundle will be available for purchase also which includes the special DLC and a PS Aim controller. More features TBA. Stay tuned for details.