Terraria coming to the Switch; Re-Logic pulls a fast one 1

Terraria coming to the Switch; Re-Logic pulls a fast one

Terraria will be coming to the Nintendo Switch June 27.

With Re-Logic announcing that Terraria will be getting its final update forever, they pulled a fast one on us and came out with a surprise announcement that Terraria will be coming over to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

Re-Logic has stated that the Switch port of the popular “2D Minecraft” has been in development for a while now, and because the game is now done, they’re trying to get it to Switch owners ASAP.

This should be awesome news for Switch owners waiting to play this hit game.

Pipeworks Studios will be handling the Switch port. They’ve already done the PS4 and Xbox One ports, so they know what they’re doing.

Terraria: Journey’s End will be the last content update for the sidescroller, which adds a huge amount of content to the game.

Players receive over 800 new equips to collect with plenty of other gameplay enhancements- free for everyone. There will also be a new Bestiary and world generation for continuing players.

Since they’re releasing this game at such a weird time provided that the game will be stopped soon, we’ll have to see what they have in mind for the Switch version of the game.

Will this version be the last update for the game entirely? Or will players on the Switch version bring it back? Probably not. I’m just daydreaming.

However, Switch players will get the content updates like the rest of the consoles, so no worries there.

Terraria comes out on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, 6/27.