Modern Warfare in place to steal prime players from Battlefield

Call of Duty will be more of a threat than ever now with its large-scale, 100-player maps.

Battlefield had two things over CoD games- large maps and realism. Now that the next Call of Duty will have at least the large maps with 100 player counts, they’re more of threat towards the struggling Battlefield series.

Jackfrags, an online game enthusiast, has always had a soft spot for Battlefield.

But now Modern Warfare may definitely pose a problem for the franchise as even though 100-player matches are just a rumor, many who’ve already played the new MW say that the maps are large enough to accommodate 100+ people.

CoD has long been known as a static arena shooter without any roles and more of an arcade-style gameplay.

But if CoD plans to expand its player counter per map, they just may give BF a run for their money.

Battlefield has also been starting to go downhill, especially with the previous release and how the game did terrible upon launch.

A lot of BF fans are starting to show interest in the new CoD, and with no BF release until next year, this may be a prime opportunity for CoD to steal a few players.

David Wong

David Wong

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