Valve apologizes for the Street Fighter DLC leak; Ensures won’t happen again

Valve has gone out and apologized for their accidental leak about the new Street Fighter V DLC on Steam.

A trailer was released on Steam’s storefront featuring the new DLC characters Lucia, E. Honda, and Poison before the official announcement date. This was probably supposed to be announced at EVO 2019, but Steam already released the news publically.

Capcom decided to reveal the characters following Steam’s ruining of the surprise, since players are now already aware.

Steam then apologized to Capcom and the community, and assured they won’t do this again.

Valve pinned a post on the SFV community forum and stated that the news leak was due to a “mix-up” and that they’re “fans of Street Fighter ourselves.” However, it was a “regrettable” situation that was unintentional.

Capcom probably hurts the most over this, as they’ve likely taken measures to prevent this news from going out until their surprise announcement. But then you have Valve screwing up altogether.

“We have already implemented measures to prevent this error from happening again.”


The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Summer 2019 Character Bundle brings 3 new DLC character to the game on August 4. They can be earned using the virtual currency, or purchased for $5.99 each.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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